Thursday, 16 October 2014

Wear Italian, Kiss French.

Jacket - Vila
T Shirt - Dead Legacy
Jeans - boohoo
Boots - Dolcis

You know when you get something new and instantly put it on to wear it 'cos you love it so much? Well that's exactly how I feel about this Vila jacket. The moment it arrived in the post, I already started planning outfits to wear it with and here I am, the very next day photographing and blogging about it! I can already tell this beauty will be getting a lot of wear in my Autumn wardrobe! The same goes for this slogan tee from Dead Legacy. I thought that maybe I was over slogan tees, but lately they seem to be all I ever wear! This one's super cute and a really nice cut as well which helps. Paired with some ripped skinny jeans, this look basically sums up my day-to-day style for the next month or so!

What do you think of today's look?

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Same chic different day.

Jacket - ILWF
T Shirt - Topshop
Trousers - Motel
Boots - boohoo
Necklace - Primark
Lipstick - MAC Ruby Woo

So Autumn is well and truly here, and my monochrome wardrobe has come back in a big way! It's a good job colour pop coats and knits are having a moment on the shelves right now, otherwise I think my outfits would be drowning in a black and white wave for the next few months! There's something so great about a monochrome look through. Mono-checks are my new favourite print and I'm building up quite a collection (some might say an obsession) with grid-print pieces. This cool checked duster jacket from ILWF (formerly LOVE) is the latest addition and I can't stop wearing it. In fact, the only thing that will stop me will probably be the cold weather, which is already stopping me from leaving the house without a full-on coat! (Oh, and making my blog photos verrrry windswept as you can see...) Nightmare!

What do you think of today's look?

Monday, 6 October 2014

Lace & grunge

Playsuit - Jones & Jones
Jacket - Superdry
Shoes - boohoo
Charm Necklaces - Primark
Wishbone Necklace - Astrid & Miyu

It really feels like Summer has vanished overnight this week! Although I love Autumn fashion (I'll choose a bit of layering over a crop top any day), I'm a summer girl at heart and it really does make me sad when I don't have the option to wear cute summer garms and bare legs! I took photos of this outfit last week when the weather hadn't quite turned yet, but this mix of a Summer playsuit with some biker leather makes for a great inbetween-days outfit while the air is turning a little bit colder. I've got a new obsession with charm necklaces as well and I can't stop layering up as many chains as possible. I'm also reliving my youth with some 90s chokers - I love it when nostalgic fashion comes back around like this, it always makes me giggle to think about when I last wore it (age 10 on holiday in mallorca when I got my first "tattoo" choker,  fyi!) 

Are you looking forward to layering up for Autumn? What do you think of today's look?

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Your Tea - 14 day Tiny Teatox

 14 Day Tiny Teatox - Your Tea

This blog post is a little bit different from my usual, but I was recently asked to try out Your Tea's Tiny Teatox, and I loved it so much that I just had to share it with you all. I've been going on and on about this tea in the office (pretty sure everyone's sick of hearing about it) but I was actually amazed by just how good it was. I'm secretly a bit of a health nut when it comes to my every-day diet, and love all things super-food so I was intrigued to see if something like this really works!

I was a bit scared that "teatox" was just health-freak code for laxative, but that's not what this tea is about at all (thank god!) Instead it mixes black tea with herbs and natural ingredients to cleanse your digestive system and help reduce bloating, aid weight-loss and generally make you feel much healthier. And, damn, does it work! I have troubles with feeling bloated and uncomfortable (and generally just have body "issues" when it comes to my stomach - I'm sure plenty of you know what I mean) a lot of the time even if I am exercising and eating healthily, so I was keen to find out if this might help me. I have to admit, I was so happy with the results! After just the first couple of days I really noticed the difference in my energy and general feeling of healthiness. On top of that, my body confidence soared as well - I'm not sure if it was because I looked any different or just because I felt different, but either way I wasn't complaining! I felt much less bloated after eating and even my skin improved.

As you can tell, even after 7 days I was a teatox convert. I'll definitely be doing another one asap, and I absolutely recommend anyone to try it and see what they think - I've read only good reviews about this tea so I'd be surprised to hear anyone who didn't like it! You can check out the website here for their whole range of different health teas - there's plenty to choose from!

Have you tried the tiny teatox yet? I'd love to hear your thoughts if so!